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A penny for your thoughts



Humboldt County

1st District Supervisor – Rex Bohn

Rex Bohn
Rex Bohn

1. What is your perspective on how the General Plan is coming along? –

I appreciate the Planning Commission taking another look at the GPU and I look forward to outcome. With all the lively conversations that have been had, I think, at the end of the day, we are getting a well balanced plan and everyone’s needs are being heard.

2. What concrete steps do you feel the county needs to make to support new industry and economic growth? –

What we have to realize is that we are still a resource based county and keeping that in focus will allow us to explore other possibilities.We need to work with both our existing industries and new technology to enable us to move forward. When all is said and done we need to provide something concrete for our kids to to stay here not to stay here. I t is time to get away from this false pot economy and find something long term.

3. What is your vision for rural living in our county 20 years from now? –

The next 20 years we will see technology play a big a part in the form of smaller solar, smaller wind fire resistant building supplies and compostable toilets allowing the people that want to live rurally to do that in concert with nature.

4. What are your top three priorities for the expenditure of discretionary funds? –

My top three priorities are public safety, roads/infrastructure, and making sure we are efficiently using our services for the elderly/seniors and homeless.

5. Given the state’s current fiscal condition, do you believe the county is too reliant on grant monies that could potentially lead to a “boom and bust”? –

Well we’ve already seen plenty of grants get cut off. There is a realization that the“carrot” is how a lot of us function. With the grants being less available and more competitive it is time we find a way to be able to pay for what we use. To find that solution will take innovation from all of us, both the government and the private sector.

6. What do you predict for the future of the Williamson Act in Humboldt County? –

We cannot accept any abuse of the Williamson Act and that is always something that needs to be watched. However, the value of the WA when properly applied to our ranching and agriculture community is immeasurable so we can keep those uses of land in perpetuity.

7. Humboldt County has a 200 million dollar maintenance backlog. How do you plan to address the public roads and infrastructure needs in the county? –

Everyday our public works and roads crews amaze me on how they get by on so little. We need to repair the sins of past administrations. As our economy gets better we are going to have to get our priorities straight on addressing the issues of our infrastructure and repairs that have been horribly neglected in the past. After public safety, this has to be a major focus, our rural residents and all who travel rural roads deserve and expect better.


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