Summer 2009

Rural Living Special News Edition 2

Summer 2009

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Rural Living Special News Edition 2 - Summer 2009
Rural Living Special News Edition 2 - Summer 2009

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Summer 2009 Newsletter Articles

Welcome – By Estelle Fennell

HumCPR Executive Director

Welcome to the Humboldt Coalition for Property Rights’ summer edition of our Newsletter. We are tremendously proud of the strides we have made in getting the word out about the issues that concern all those who treasure the rural nature of Humboldt County. But our work is far from over.

Estelle Fennell
Estelle Fennell

The General Plan Update (GPU) process has arrived at a very important point regarding our property rights in Humboldt County. We need to remind planners and decision makers alike that a fundamental component of the GPU is the requirement that property rights be taken into account when making any changes to the existing framework plan. After all it is essentially our constitution.

A stated goal of the GPU is to protect our resources. We can all agree that is a good and noble goal. How we set policy and implement that goal however has highlighted a difference between those who advocate rural stewardship of the lands and those who believe we must preserve open space by removing ourselves to the built up areas. Planners and commissioners alike are leaning toward the notion that in order to protect our resource lands we must lock ourselves out and preserve them as open space. We who are stewards of the land know better.

If we create a future where most of the resource lands are in large ownerships will the County and the environment lose in the long run? That’s just one of the questions we address in the following pages.

Throughout the coming weeks and months we will continue to host town-hall meetings throughout the county to both provide local communities with crucial information and to provide a forum where community members can feel comfortable to add their views and local knowledge to the dialogue.

We will also be attending several of Humboldt County’s Annual Events. Look for us at Whitethorn Fire Days, the County Fair, Hops in Humboldt and the North Country Fair to name a few.

Remember there is strength in numbers. By becoming a member of HumCPR your voice will be added to the many who have already joined. You will also receive updates throughout the GPU process. Please fill out the form and return it to us. Thank you for your support.

A Question of Choice

By Lee Ulansey – HumCPR Chairman

The General Plan rewrite is rolling relentlessly onward. The current timeline is to have a finished product available for the Board of Supervisors to approve sometime in the early spring of 2010. This date can be varied and is not set in stone.

Lee Ulansey
Lee Ulansey

Humboldt County is at a crossroads. The time is at hand when we must make a choice between our traditional policy of slow-to-moderate growth and a proposed policy of no-growth. Our traditional rural county policy has allowed us to generally live where we wish and in the manner we individually deem most appropriate for our families. The policy currently in the works allows others, principally planning bureaucrats and a very vocal minority to make our lifestyle choices for us and for our children. These minorities profess to know what is best for us and in fact believe that living in intensely planned, homogenized and urbanized settings is both healthier and more environmentally responsible than living on our land in a rural area. They do not consider the simply massive public works projects required for sewage treatment, water delivery, traffic mitigation, noise abatement and congestion that are needed to provide for a population forced into the small urban communities that currently exist in Humboldt County. These urbanites of course also fail to see that even those who have chosen to reside in our incorporated communities do not wish to see all our county’s growth forced into areas whose infrastructure is already overtaxed. So we have a choice before us and if we fail to act decisively the choice will be made for us.

County bureaucrats seem to be attempting to keep us all uninformed while they take our historic rights away. At one recent poorly advertised meeting Ann Lindsay, M.D., Humboldt County’s Public Health Officer had the audacity to tell attendees that they “shouldn’t bother to come to more meetings”. This from a public health “professional” who has put out a report that states that it is unhealthy to live in the hills, that people who live in urban settings are inherently healthier than those who live out of town.

Some time ago HumCPR investigated the possibility of a ballot initiative that would require a vote of the people of Humboldt before the County could enact a change to our General Plan that would stop Humboldt families from being able to live on their land. At the core of this concept is the belief that the members of our community are wise enough to decide an issue if this importance for themselves.

Our research and polling data has shown that there is overwhelming support among voters for such an initiative. However voter support and organizational support can be two different things. The fact is that to organize a countywide measure that would protect our lifestyle will require work. There are signatures to be collected, voters to register, doors to be knocked, envelopes to be stuffed and yes, money to be raised.

If you are interested in the concept of a ballot initiative to compel the BOS to maintain the historic rights of rural dwellers and ensure your right to live on your land or at least require a vote of the people who would be affected before your rights are taken away forever we need to know. We at HumCPR have been humbled by the massive outpouring of support for our grass roots organization but to continue to represent your interests and certainly before we embark on an effort of this magnitude we need to hear from you, we need to know that each of you will give of your time, energy, and resources to save the legacy of a rural lifestyle for your children. Please give us a call or email.

With your help we will not forsake our rural heritage.


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