Spring 2010

Rural Living Special News Edition 3

Spring 2010

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Rural Living Special News Edition3 Spring 2010

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Spring 2010 Newsletter Articles

Homes on TPZ! – By Estelle Fennell

HumCPR Executive Director

In a stunning reversal of recent trends, the Humboldt County Planning Commission voted 4-1 in favor of language that would allow homes on land zoned TPZ at it’s GPU meeting in Eureka Thursday April 15th.

Estelle Fennell
Estelle Fennell

It appears that input from local landowners, foresters, loggers and others with on-the-ground knowledge of land use issues was finally heard and a quick straw poll resulted in the 4-1 vote in favor of a policy that would allow homes with ministerial permits on land zoned TPZ.

Specifically, the commissioners voted to adopt language provided by the Humboldt County Resource Lands Working Group, made up of The Buckeye Conservancy, the Humboldt County Farm Bureau, Humboldt Del Norte Cattlemen Association, Large Timberland Owners Group and the Forest Landowners of California (Humboldt Co. Representatives). The language is very similar to that provided by the Forestry Review Committee and we at HumCPR have been very vocal in our support.

This is a far cry from the previous direction taken by the commission and a clear victory for rural rights. But we’re also a far cry from the finished product, so we must continue to speak out! There are many more issues and there is still a lot to be discussed and clarified. And it will be the Supervisors who decide in the end! More details on our website at: www.humcpr.org

We’re not just talking about land use rights, but a vision of what is good for our county’s future. We believe that the GPU should concentrate on incentivizing good land and water use management instead of taking a punitive and overly restrictive approach that almost guarantees failure. In the end, encouraging better practices is a much sounder strategy than trying to lock up rural lands. You can’t take people’s fundamental rights away without enormous cost to them and the County as a whole.

Remember there is strength in numbers. By becoming a member of HumCPR your voice will be added to the many who have already joined. Please print and fill out the form and return it to us. Thank you for your support.

A Watershed Election

By Lee Ulansey – HumCPR Chairman

We at HumCPR decided in the beginning not to endorse candidates for political office. We believe voters should make their own educated choices in the voting booth, and one of HumCPR’s principal responsibilities is to inform voters on the issues and their impact on each of us. But it is undeniable that the fate of our rural way of life is in the hands of our elected representatives.

Lee Ulansey
Lee Ulansey

We urge each of you to carefully read the candidates’ responses. Decide for yourself who has accurately stated their beliefs, and who has crafted their answers to say, well, nothing. Personally, I would rather have an official with whom I disagree than one who is dishonest or afraid to tell the truth. Clearly we can find both in the responses we received and we leave it to you, our supporters and readers, to sort out which is which. Some are obvious and some more subtle. Please read carefully and between the lines.

With our June Vote we can make our voices count by supporting the candidates most likely to defend our rights, who will say so for all to hear. I urge each of you to DEMAND that every candidate earn your vote, and that they do so in part by answering these basic questions fully and completely, without spin or caveat. If they have failed to do so here in these pages, ask them again in person, at public forums, and in letters to the editor. More avoidance is unacceptable. It is your right to know.

Our diverse coalition continues to expand its membership and crosses all party lines and demographic groups. 35% of our members are listed as Democrat, 36% are Republican. 13% are No Party, 4% are Green, and 12% are either not registered or are made up of voters listed as Peace and Freedom, Libertarian, American Independent, Natural and “Other”. Our membership is also made up of people from both urban and rural areas. This kind of broad representation also underscores that there is a place for all our perspectives in Humboldt. We all have the same basic belief that Humboldt families should be allowed to live a rural lifestyle on their own land with minimal interference from social engineering bureaucrats and activists who don’t live in a rural area or understand a rural mindset.

The way we insure the right to have our homes on already existing legal parcels is simpleā€¦VOTE.


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