Fall 2010

Rural Living Special News Edition 4

Fall 2010

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Rural Living Special News Edition 4 Fall 2010

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Fall 2010 Newsletter Articles

Working for you – By Estelle Fennell

HumCPR Executive Director

HumCPR continues to work on your behalf. We are dedicated to preserving the rural lifestyle that has been the historic tradition of Humboldt County. Part of that work means getting the word out about issues that are important to rural landowners.

Estelle Fennell

In this issue we are pleased to feature the insights of local landowners on such key issues as Public Participation in Government; Amnesty for rural homeowners; "TI"- the new proposed timberland classification; Code Enforcement on rural properties; the new proposed Fire-related Restrictions on rural home-building; County Lawsuit expenses in the Tooby Ranch case.

We take a look at a huge property develpment project, "Ridgewood Village", which could change the rural quality of life for the Ridgewood/Cutten area.

In our main feature we offer a glimpse into where the candidates in this all important election stand on our issues. Please take the time to read all this valuable information and don’t forget to vote!

As part of our ongoing educational outreach efforts, the Humboldt Coalition for Property Rights will host two very important Supervisor Candidate Debates in the coming days. The League of Women Voters will moderate the debates. The 4th District debate will be held in Eureka on October 4th and the 5th District debate will be in McKinleyville on October 5th. For more details please see our ad on page 12. Voters, this is your chance to bring your questions to the candidates, please plan on attending. See you there!

Use Your Vote or Lose Your Rights!

By Lee Ulansey – HumCPR Chairman

As you read this newsletter one of the most important dates in Humboldt County’s history is just around the corner. This Election Day will definitively decide the course of our individual and collective future. We will decide whether we will remain generally free to determine where we want to live and in what manner of lifestyle. Alternatively, will we abdicate our rights and freedoms to extremists and bureaucrats who care not for our desires because they firmly believe that they are smarter than we are and more capable of making these decisions for us? Generally, I prefer to make my own decisions. Moreover, I am sick and tired of being misled and lied to by the very people we have elected and are supposedly working for us.

Lee Ulansey

Once again HumCPR has tried to ask those running for office to give true and complete answers to a few of the most basic questions affecting your property rights and thereby your ability to live on your own land. Once again many of the candidates have been less than honest and certainly incomplete in their responses. Most of us would be embarrassed to so obviously twist and spin the facts to hide an unpopular intention, not so some of those who would propose to represent us.

One candidate says "None of the General Plan alternatives propose taking away residential zoning from any parcel". Technically
this is accurate but what he utterly fails to mention is that if your property does not happen to be zoned residential you could easily lose any right to live on your land. Yet another Supervisorial candidate states, "The General Plan will have very little affect on existing rural landowners in Humboldt County". I suppose that’s true if you never intend to build a home on your land. Otherwise it is pure bunk. Rural landowners without an existing house could likely never build, period. It would appear that the best way to deal with an unpopular position is to spin it. Can anybody simply tell the truth?

We also asked Eureka candidates to answer a couple of straightforward questions about specific developments in the Eureka area. We asked them to answer "yes" or "no" but also gave them the opportunity to briefly explain their position. The results are quite revealing. As voters, we are expected to vote "yes" or "no", I have yet to see a "maybe" option on my ballots. Don’t you think our candidates should be held to the same standard? Unfortunately, this was too difficult a choice for several candidates who believe they deserve to hold public office. I wonder, is it their plan to leave these measures blank when they cast their own ballots? I suspect they will find a way to make a choice when they are in the privacy of the voter’s booth. I leave it to your imagination as to why they feel the need to hide their opinions from us now.

Among HumCPR’s thousands of members there are plenty of different opinions and perspectives but there’s also plenty of room for honest discussion, open-minded debate and ultimately fair-minded compromise. We are all united in believing that we should be able to expect the same level of honesty and integrity from our officials. It has become abundantly clear that the issues we have been working on, the General Plan Update (GPU) and other land use and planning alternatives, are absolutely at the core of how this county will move forward. This is our home and our future that is at stake. Please don’t let someone who won’t even consider your wishes make the choice for you.

Yes, folks. This election is up close and personal for many of us. Use your vote or lose your rights!


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