What is HumCPR?

The Humboldt Coalition for Property Rights (HumCPR) is a volunteer organization comprised of concerned citizens that live or have interests in Humboldt County, who are deeply concerned about the future health and vitality of Humboldt County. Our membership includes a diverse cross-section from all areas of the county, including city and country dwellers, property owners, renters, cattle and dairy families, professionals, retail and service business owners, timber property owners, and environmentalists. Never, in our experience, has such a broad base of citizens been brought together under one common interest. We are completely funded by volunteer contributions from our supporters.

Why Was HumCPR Formed?

HumCPR was formed out of the public outrage that resulted from manipulation of the General Plan Update process by the Planning and County Counsel offices, specifically involving proposed revisions to Timber Production Zoning regulations. Since that time, HumCPR has identified numerous other provisions within the proposed General Plan Update that we feel seriously threaten the historic fabric and future economic vitality of our County. The group was formed by Mr. Lee Ulansey, an artist from the Arcata area, previously much more active in environmental issues than land use issues.

Here is a link to a video by the Humboldt Coalition for Property Rights, examining how Humboldt County’s General Plan Update process has been manipulated.

Here’s some information on how to Get Involved.

Save Our Rural Lifestyle
Save Our Rural Lifestyle