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Planning Commission to Hold Hearing on “Housing Opportunity Zones” and More

Hearing on New Zoning and Regulation Ordinances Continued to January 6th

On Dec 2nd, the Humboldt County Planning Commission opened a hearing on Amendments to the Humboldt County Zoning Regulations, Subdivision Regulations, General Plans and Local Coastal Plans. The new proposed changes are tied to implementation of the 2010 Housing Element. The hearing was well attended, especially by residents of the McKinleyville area which would see huge changes to its’ character and make-up if the proposed changes were to go through.

After a large amount of public testimony, most of which aired concerns about the impact on the community of McKinleyville the hearing was continued to January 6th 2011

The proposed changes are concentrated in several communities throughout Humboldt and are part of the move toward high density housing in “urbanized” areas and away from more rural settings.

If the proposed changes are adopted, new housing will be encouraged in several “Housing Opportunity Zones” by easing up on regulations and offering incentives to development in those areas.

Special zones will also be set aside for establishing Emergency Shelters on a principally permitted basis, which means they will not be subject to taking input from the community.

A third aspect of the new ordinances would re-zone parcels within those areas to a very high density to accommodate “Multi-Family Housing”.

The County has provided maps of the “Housing Opportunity Zones” and the Emergency Shelter zones. Maps of the parcels to be re-zoned to “Multi-family” housing will also be available soon

We will bring you more details and updates as they become available. In the meantime, if you have input about these changes, please try to attend the January 6th hearing of the Planning Commission (6:00 PM at the County Courthouse).

On the following maps, the Orange outline = “Housing Opportunity Zones” and the Green outline = Emergency Shelters principally permitted.

If you would like to examine the maps more closely you can access a full size (5.2 mb) .pdf file by clicking here County Housing Element Maps


Cutten and Pine Hill

Humboldt Hill


Redway / Garberville