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County Releases Multifamily Rezone Maps

Target Parcels Identified

Just before the Holidays the County Planning Department added ten (10) new maps to its’ General Plan Update (GPU) website. These maps reveal parcels in communities from McKinleyville to Redway which are proposed to be re-zoned to high density Multifamily development.

The outlined parcels are currently listed as “Candidate Multifamily Sites” which means that they will be listed in the Housing Element as sites for Very Low Income and Low income housing.

This will also entail a proposed new County Ordinance that would prioritize development in these areas over any other development, essentially meaning that projects in these areas will be fast-tracked and will jump to the head of the line with regard to building permit issuance.

The new ordinances will be addressed at the Jan 6th Planning Commission Meeting. At the December 16th meeting Planning Staff informed the public that the Multifamily Zoning will not be on that agenda. We’ll keep you posted when this item will be up for streaming

For a quick glance, you can scroll here to find your area or you can access the County’s GPU Website for larger maps.

Cutten Area

Pine Hill


Central McKinleyville

East McKinleyville

South McKinleyville


Humboldt Hill, Fields landing

Manila/Humboldt Bay