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Resource Land Use Classification on July 8th Agenda

This Thursday, July 8th, the Planning Commission will continue its’ discussion of Land Use Classifications. According to staff “The Commission intends to conclude the ongoing discussion of the draft Land Use Element, in particular, Section 4.8 Land Use Classifications (which include the text of the plan, not the proposed mapping changes) and begin review of the remainder of Part 2, which includes Chapter 5, Community Infrastructure and Services Element, Chapter 6, Telecommunications, Chapter 7, Circulation Element and Chapter 9, Economic Development Element.”Креолин

It’s important to note that the remaining classifications to be discussed on Thursday include such key designations as Open Space (OS), Agricultural Exclusive (AE), Agriculture General (AG), Agriculture Ranchland (AGR), Timber (T) and Industrial Timber (TI) .

Although the Commission seems to have moved away from the Alternative “A” – proposed “TI” designation, it is still in the charts and we must ensure that it is dropped in this chapter. “TI” calls for a density of one home per 600 acres.

Similarly, the proposed “AGR” classification remains in this chapter. It calls for a minimum density of 160 acres under Alternative “B” and again, one home per 600 acres under Alternative “A”.

If the Commission concludes its’ discussion of Chapter 4.8, it will then move to Chapter 5 (Community Infrastructure and Service). This section will deal with such issues as the Adequacy of Infrastructure to meet discretionary development needs and the fiscal impact of those developments. It will also address On-site Sewage disposal and Expanded Fire Protection Services.